Parametrización de los indicadores de citación a nivel nacional de acuerdo con las áreas ANEP


Brief description

The project examines and compares research evaluation from peer reviewers with citation rates from PI applicants to the Spanish National R&D Plans. This programme is the main funding system for research projects in Spain. The goal is of the project twofold. On the one hand, to better comprehend the relation between bibliometric indicators and peers’ judgment. This is not directed at finding any type of causal relation but to understand how they relate, if so. On the other hand, we aimed at developing citation reference thresholds that can inform reviewers when assessing the research performance of PI applicants. The sample of authors was the complete population of researchers who applied for project funding in the year 2007. Data was retrieved from the Web of Science database and production by researcher was identified manually. Data related with peers’ ratings was provided by the Spanish National Agency of Foresight and Evaluation (known by its Spanish acronym as ANEP).

Related publications

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