Joint collaborations

Most of the research I work on is curiosity-driven and is not funded. It is the result of collaborative efforts with colleagues from many different places. To them I am very grateful, as without their work most of my research would not be possible. Here I include the different topics in which I am or have worked in a consistent manner, that is, they are not punctual collaborations in single papers but intend (with more or less success) to be a continuing line of work.

Work in progressConcluded

Development of open data metrics

  • Description: Open science is now a common concept in research policy discourse. The pressure towards promoting, sharing and disseminating not only research publications but also code, software and data, are ever more pressing. Still, how can we determine the impact such actions have? Is the data shared and publicly-accessible actually used? And if so, how can we measure its use?
  • Main collaborators: Rodrigo Costas, Philippe Mongeon and Wei Jeng

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Understanding altmetrics at different aggregation levels and publication outlets

  • Description: So far research literature has focused on comparisons with citation indicators, data sources and reliability of indicators based on journal articles. Here we establish comparisons of research performance at larger aggregation levels and publication outlets of analysis other than journal literature.
  • Main collaborators: Daniel Torres-Salinas and Juan Gorraiz.

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Bibliometric indicators for scientific mobility

  • Description: Development of indicators based on publication data to track scientific mobility for research evaluation purposes.
  • Main collaborators: Rodrigo Costas, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Vincent Larivière, Richard Woolley and Carolina Cañibano.

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Altmetrics for mapping social engagement

  • Description: Altmetrics are currently seen as the most promising quantitative approach towards capturing societal impact. We criticise current approaches by suggesting its use to map the social context of researchers and identify those with a socially-oriented profile. We have a special interest on developing approaches which are adequate for the areas of social sciences and humanities.
  • Main collaborators: Ismael Ràfols, Thed N. van Leeuwen, Diana Hicks and Rodrigo Costas.

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Rankings I-UGR de universidades españolas según campos y disciplinas

  • URL:
  • EC3 Team: Daniel Torres-Salinas, Nicolás Robinson-Garcia, Emilio Delgado López-Cózar
  • SCI2S Team: Francisco Herrera, Isaac Trigueros
  • In collaboration with: Thomson Reuters
  • Date period: 2010-2014

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Evaluation of monographs using the Book Citation Index

  • Description: The Book Citation Index launched by Thomson Reuters in 2011 opened a new venue to better understand the citation patterns of books. We performed a series of analyses based on such source at different aggregation levels: publisher, book chapter and book.
  • Main collaborators: Daniel Torres-Salinas.

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University rankings and the disciplinary profile of universities

  • Description: I did my PhD thesis on the analysis of the disciplinary profile of universities and how it affects rankings. My work was related with my involvement on the I-UGR Rankings, which data set I used for my own research.
  • Main collaborators: Daniel Torres-Salinas, Emilio Delgado López-Cózar, Francisco Herrera, J.A. García, J. Fdez-Valdivia, Rosa Rodríguez-Sánchez

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