Science covers our work on COVID-19

Update 29/05/2020: a printed version of the Science story is now out

A couple of weeks ago we uploaded along with Daniel Torres-Salinas and Pedro A. Castillo-Valdivieso, from the University of Granada a preprint in which we modeled the publication growth and social media attention to COVID-19 papers to make predictions. A specific aspects we considered was the distinction between OA and non-OA publications. This is a work in progress and we hope to deliver some more solid results in the future.

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Towards more nuanced altmetric methods and indicators

We have recently had accepted a paper in FEMS Microbiology Letters in which we develop a methodological framework for the use of altmetrics trying to go beyond counting hits and trying to inform on how and who consumes what scientific literature. Although, not yet published, there is already a postprint version available via ArXiv which can be consulted. Read more “Towards more nuanced altmetric methods and indicators”