Open Science

Open Access and  data sharing practices are revolutionizing scientific communication. Before the term Open Science was coined for political purposes, interest in the scientometric community on these two topics already existed. This website includes my contributions to these two topics.


Open Access uptake by universities worldwide

This paper provides a full overview of our work on the development of indicators of Open Access at the institutional level by linking data from Web of Science, Unpaywall and the Leiden Ranking. The most interesting feature is the analysis on what we are really labeling behind the different OA types: gold, green, bronze and hybrid, as well as differences by field and country.


Open Access indicators for universities worldwide

This conference paper presents preliminary results of our analyses after developing OA indicators for universities worldwide combining data from Web of Science and Unpaywall. The results of such study have been incorporated to the Leiden Ranking and can be downloaded by everyone interested on them at the Leiden Ranking website.


Disentangling Gold Open Access

Book chapter which introduces the concept of Gold Open Access and analyzes the effects the introduction of OA publishing has had in the scientific system. The chapter reviews the long-standing debate on the OA citation advantage, discusses how in the case of Gold OA, citation differences can be explained by other variables and suggests a taxonomy of Gold OA publishing national models.


 Bibliometric and benchmark analysis of Gold Open Access in Spain: Big output, little impact

Country study on the penetration of Gold OA publications in Spain. The share of gold OA publications is compared with other European countries and comparisons of gold OA citation impact are conducted with the national overall and with other European countries’ gold OA output.



DataCite as a novel bibliometric source: Coverage, strengths and limitations

First study analyzing the content, coverage and structure of DataCite, a source of open scientific data, offering records from a myriad of data banks worldwide. The paper explains first the accessing options for downloading data and then describes the different types of data records, time coverage and inconsistencies.


Incorporating data sharing into the reward system of science: Linking DataCite records to authors in the Web of Science

In this study, a novel methodological approach is introduced to connect data creators in DataCite with authors from Web of Science. First results are presented along with a discussion on the main issues and problems to do this in an exhaustive way. The paper highlights the need to develop and improve this type of methodologies to better connect different outputs to individuals and be able to develop a wider picture of the scientific endeavour.


Analyzing data citation practices using the data citation index

This paper explores the potential of the Data Citation Index to track citations from scientific literature to open scientific data. It offers an overview of the database, describes its contents and offers a citation analysis by field and data type. 


Compartir los datos de investigación: una introducción al Data Sharing

Introductory paper to the concept of Data sharing and brief review of the development of such movement, main proponents and challenges they want to overcome. Written for a Spanish audience, this is the perfect paper to start with for anyone who approaches this topic for the first time.