Evaluación del impacto científico de las redes cooperativas de investigacion en biomedicina financiadas por el ISCIII (RETICS y CIBER)

The goal of the project was to analyze the evolution of research output from the Spanish Biomedical Research Networking Centres (known as CIBER for their Spanish acronym) which represent the main research programme in Spain for funding the biomedical sciences. These virtual centres were designed to promote collaboration between clinicians and researchers at the national level. CIBER is formed by 9 different centers, each of them focused on a given topic (i.e., rare diseases). The project gave account on the evolution of the research performance of these centres and examined co-authorship networks to observe to what extent had this programme spur collaboration between research groups and sectors. I incorporated to this project in its last year as a posdoc researcher.

Related publications

Robinson-Garcia N, Cabezas-Clavijo A, Jiménez-Contreras E. Tracking the performance of an R&D programme in the biomedical sciences. Research Evaluation. 2016;25(3):339-346. doi: 10.1093/reseval/rvw003